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About Us here at SPOTLESS DRUMS

Owner Bibi n Avivi started the business with Henry James Dicks in March 1994 and has been refurbishing Steel and plastic drums ever since and has opened the doors to a great new venture.
Reconditioning of metal and plastic drums it’s a time stacking event that when done correctly can triple the life spam of these drums.
When Bibi had reconditioning of tight-head and open-top drums under his belt and understood the technique of refurbishing drums nothing could get in his way of making the world a cleaner place.

All operations conducted is being executed with great car to Mother Nature. We here at SPOTLESS DRUMS are very green and do as much as we can to minimise our Carbon Foot Print. 

Over the years of experience Bibi has under his belt he as built a excellent relationships with his clients and understand their needs before his own.
All these traits helped Bibi be the best in refurbishments and reselling of Steel and Plastic Barrels.

We are a member of SAICRA (South African Industrial Container Reconditioners Association)